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Hearing aid operation should be like putting on a watch or a pair of glasses – easy and comfortable! Selecting a qualified hearing healthcare provider is the most important step to restoring hearing loss. Ernest Chambers, owner of Chambers Hearing Centers, is a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist, and has over 18 years of experience providing services through a hearing aid center.

Proper hearing aid recommendation and fitting is highly dependent upon the judgement and skills of the professional helping you select your hearing aids. We have a clear understanding in background noise, noise reduction education, and knowledge of hearing aids, to provide the best recommendation possible for your lifestyle, which makes us a trustworthy source for finding your new hearing aid.

Chambers Hearing Centers is dedicated to making sure you are always satisfied with your hearing, and we provide cleaning and repairs to any hearing aid make and model quickly, including new warranties, at a very low cost.

ernest chambers owner hearing aid center

Our vision is to provide the best audiology care available in the comfort of your home or community service center and our system allows for extremely low overhead, thereby passing the savings to you. We guarantee complete satisfaction or return at absolutely no cost.

Why We Provide a Unique Hearing Aid Center

We are customer-based, and everything we do is based around making sure all of our customers are happy. We create long-term relationships with our clients and we promise you the best price on the hearing aid you need. All of our services can be provided in the comfort of your own home. We visit various locations throughout Oregon regularly for educational support and convenience.

Our warranties ensure that you are never left with a broken or malfunctioning hearing aid. If something goes wrong, we provide speedy service to get the situation resolved quickly. Our cleanings, repairs, and replacement process is easy and efficient, which avoids stress and hassle for you.

We can treat every level of hearing loss, from mild to severe. We teach you about your hearing loss, rather than giving you a hearing aid without proper knowledge of its features. All of our services are pressure-free and without a cost to you.

Ernest Chambers

Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist

1574 Coburg Rd., Box 975
Eugene, OR 97401


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