Hearing Aid Consultation

To ensure that you obtain the proper hearing aid for your individual needs, it’s crucial that you receive a hearing aid consultation from a licensed professional. A hearing aid is not a “one size fits all” item, and it’s impossible to determine which hearing aid you need before your hearing is assessed. Through careful testing, we are able to identify the type of hearing aid that is best for you, and we do so free of charge.

Our hearing aid consultation and evaluation will consist of:

  • Ear canal “beep” testing at various frequencies and pitches to identify how well you can hear them.
  • Speech, background noise, and situational testing.
  • Other testing to evaluate quality of sound and percentage of hearing loss.

Our hearing aid consultations usually take 20-30 minutes, but can vary depending on the type of testing that needs to be done. These consultations are done in the comfort of your home or retirement community for your convenience.

chambers hearing aid consultation

During our consultations, you will not experience any pressure to purchase. After your hearing aid consultation, we will present the best options to you, from the brands with the most elite technology, at the best price possible. Learn more about our hearing aids.

Free Trial Period

We provide a free trial period, which allows you to experience the hearing aid throughout your day-to-day life to determine if it is comfortable and fits your lifestyle. Hearing aids should be working on a daily basis and there shouldn’t be feedback under normal conditions. Loud sounds should not be uncomfortable and softer sounds should be easier to hear.

Our professional and personal care is what sets Chambers Hearing Centers apart from other hearing aid centers. Our priority is you and your hearing – and we value your comfort and happiness over everything else.

Ernest Chambers

Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist

1574 Coburg Rd., Box 975
Eugene, OR 97401


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